Private foundations are non-governmental entities that are established as a nonprofit corporation or a charitable trust, with the principle purpose of making philanthropic grants to nonprofit organizations, institutions, or individuals for scientific, educational, cultural, religious, or other charitable purposes. The grants they award are aligned with their highly-focused missions and programs. They are extremely varied in funding interests and application guidelines.

Some foundations have requested that CFR facilitate their relationship with UCLA. Please visit the coordinated submissions page for specific guidelines to ensure that your communication is coordinated with other UCLA efforts.

Private Foundation Funding is Important Because:

  • Federal funding from entities like the National Institutes of Health continues to decrease
  • Foundations often fund research that is interdisciplinary, cutting-edge, or not yet funded by federal sources
  • Many foundations have funding mechanisms specifically for early career investigators

The CFR team has relationships with many of these funders and can help you facilitate your application.


Corporations build relationships with faculty and programs for many reasons – typically related to their business interests – including recruiting talent, faculty research, licensing opportunities, etc. We can help connect faculty and companies with the appropriate offices around campus depending on the need. Additionally, some corporations have charitable foundations affiliated and funded by their for-profit partners.

Corporate Sponsors
Corporate sponsorship office:

Technology Development Group (TDG)
Working with TDG is a complementary approach to traditional publishing that can facilitate the translation of UCLA discoveries into new products and services that have the potential to broadly benefit the public. They manage a large portfolio of technologies and license agreements. For further information please visit

Matching Gifts
Some companies will match an employee’s donation, usually 1:1. For a list of participating companies, please visit: