The UCLA College of Letters and Science is the academic heart of UCLA, where the world’s brightest faculty and students work side by side to bring new knowledge to light and solve the urgent problems of our time for the benefit of all.

The College’s four academic divisions — HumanitiesLife SciencesPhysical Sciences and Social Sciences — span traditional and emerging disciplines in the liberal arts and sciences. A fifth division, Undergraduate Education, serves as the campus driver of excellence and innovation in the undergraduate experience.

Taught by world-renowned faculty, the College’s undergraduate and graduate students go on to become business, government, community and academic leaders of California and the world.

Facts and Figures

The UCLA College is home to:

• More than three-quarters of UCLA’s 32,000 undergraduate students

• Distinguished faculty: in the past decade alone, 32 faculty members have been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and 22 have been named Guggenheim Fellows

• More than 50 departments and programs, 100 undergraduate majors, 60 graduate degree programs and 40 Ph.D. programs

Divisions of the College

UCLA Humanities - Kaplan Building


In the Division of Humanities, we explore the rich human legacy of literature, philosophy, religion, languages and cultures, cultivating graduates who can respond with creativity and vision to today’s challenges.

UCLA Life Sciences - Terasaki Life Sciences Building

Life Sciences

In the Division of Life Sciences, we are engaged in the intricate study of living systems in order to improve human health and preserve our planet.

UCLA Physical Sciences - Court of Sciences

Physical Sciences

In the Division of Physical Sciences, we work to solve some of science’s greatest mysteries, from the Earth’s core to the outer reaches of the universe, from the subatomic to the supermassive.

UCLA Social Sciences - Bunche Hall

Social Sciences

In the Division of Social Sciences, we seek to understand and solve the pressing issues that affect our lives, engaging with Los Angeles in order to change the world.

Undergraduate Education

In the Division of Undergraduate Education, we enrich the student experience through small seminars, hands-on research, interdisciplinary minors, academic support, and learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Meet Our Leadership

Vertical collage of UCLA College Deans: Adriana Galván (Dean of Undergraduate Education); Miguel García-Garibay (Senior Dean of the College/)Dean of Physical Sciences; Tracy Johnson (Dean of Life Sciences); Alexandra Minna Stern (Dean of Humanities); Abel Valenzuela (Interim Dean of Social Sciences)

Photography: Galván, Johnson, Stern and Valenzuela: Reed Hutchinson | García-Garibay: Alyssa Bierce
Adriana Galván, Dean of Undergraduate Education; Miguel García-Garibay, Senior Dean of the College and Dean of Physical Sciences; Tracy Johnson, Dean of Life Sciences; Alexandra Minna Stern, Dean of Humanities; Abel Valenzuela, Interim Dean of Social Sciences

The five deans of the College lead their respective divisions and share responsibility for issues and functions across the entire College. Click here to learn more about the deans.