A blue and yellow banner embellished with a grainy effect features a photograph of George Baker in the center-left and the cover of his book "Lateness and Longing" in the center-right. The words "UCLA College" and "Bruin Bookshelf" are in white font on the upper left and lower right, respectively.

Bruin Bookshelf Spotlight: Professor George Baker

February 15, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
A blue illustration of the human brain

Making STEM accessible through translation

February 13, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
AJ Addae wearing a green sweater and a black leather jacket in a lab setting.

‘Your voice matters too’: UCLA’s AJ Addae on the need for young Black scientists in the cosmetics industry

February 10, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
Illustration of magnons, laser pulse through a crystal structure of yttrium alloy

Researchers measure and control interactions between magnetic ripples using lasers

February 7, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
From left to right, NAE-Electees: Jonathan Stewart; Rong Fu; and Dariush Divsalar.

Professor Rong Fu is one of three UCLA faculty elected to National Academy of Engineering

February 6, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
Electric battery

Chemists decipher reaction process that could improve lithium-sulfur batteries

February 6, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
Benshi performers with film

‘Art of the Benshi’ tour will showcase century-old Japanese film tradition, April 5-26

February 1, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
Mosaic of Stephan’s Quintet from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

Bright galaxies put dark matter to the test

January 31, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
A black and white photograph of Oscar Wilde pictured two hours after his death.

Oscar Wilde’s final hours: Joseph Bristow to correct the record in lecture at Clark Library

January 30, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
A mountain lion looking at the lights and houses below from the top of a hill.

Getting A Mountain Lion To Safely Cross A Road Isn’t Easy. What It Means For Planned $90M Land Bridge

January 29, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
Theater marquee reads “The world is temporarily closed”

Viral protein fragments may unlock mystery behind serious COVID-19 outcomes

January 29, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
Project Team Photo: Upper left to right – Matthew Borselli, Matt Reed, Andrew Oriani, Garrett Bimstefer, Cameron Jennings, Joseph Broz. Lower left to right – Alina Aleksandrova, Nina Popovic Schlomann, Minh Nguyen, Jason Petta, Edwin Acuna, Tiffany Davis.

HRL Laboratories and UCLA Researcher Awarded Grant to Advance Quantum Computing

January 26, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
Jezero crater delta copy

Confirmation of ancient lake on Mars builds excitement for Perseverance rover’s samples

January 26, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
A white-tailed crested flycatcher held by a UCLA researcher

As the climate warms, birds in the East Africa mountains are getting bigger

January 18, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
Carribean Fragoza in a red long sleeve shirt with black buttons, her left hand on her glasses as if looking at something at a distance, standing in front of a beige wall.

Comp Lit alumna Carribean Fragoza earns prestigious creative writing award

January 18, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
David Kunzle in front of a mural.

In memoriam: David Kunzle, 87, a founder of comics scholarship with wide-ranging interests

January 18, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
Michelle and Jamie Strohiro, with their children Zoe and Jordan, photographed on the 50-yard line on the intramural field.

Love at the 50-Yard Line

January 18, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
White Mountain on a sunny day with white clouds populating a blue sky.

The Lab at 10,000 Feet

January 18, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
blue LED Cybersecurity schematic on digital screen

UCLA-led project receives $1.3 million NSF grant to connect creativity and innovation

January 16, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
An illustration of microscopic viruses and other particles.

Biology’s Lost Children: How UCLA’s Chemistry & Biochemistry Department Is Pushing the Boundaries of Virology

January 10, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
Illustration of planet with tail orbiting a star

A Jupiter-sized planet has been hiding a big secret: A 350,000-mile-long tail

January 9, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
A road in Japan affected by the recent earthquake.

Japan Hit by 7.6-Magnitude Earthquake

January 5, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
Wide shot of the exterior of the Westside Pavilion property from Pico Boulevard

UCLA acquires L.A.’s former Westside Pavilion to transform empty mall into the UCLA Research Park

January 3, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
Free electron wave packets being produced using a photoinjector for attosecond X-ray imaging of molecular motion

The UCLA Research Park: Quantum science and engineering

January 3, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
A blue banner with the words, "What we're reading with Arushi Avachat," and a photograph of Arushi against a yellow sphere.

What We’re Reading with Arushi Avachat

January 3, 2024/by Alvaro Castillo
A tree blowing in the wind on a grey and gloomy day.

How antibiotic-resistant bacteria can teach us to modify behavior

December 22, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Three disabled dancers touching hands with arms raised; wheelchair user (left), person standing (center) and person standing with a walker (right)

UCLA creates first disability studies major at a California public university

December 20, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Close-up image of the sun

UCLA joins $42 million Department of Energy hubs to advance fusion energy

December 20, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Yongjia He from the shoulders up in a white collar shirt with green and yellow illustrations in front of a purple background with a gradient water-color effect.

Purple rain, purple reign

December 19, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Donald the Hammerer print by William Blake

Why does William Blake’s work resonate today? A UCLA art historian offers perspective

December 19, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Person with purple gloves holding up lab sample tray

UCLA receives $2.5 million to expand inclusion, success for STEM students

December 18, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
A white-bellied pangolin on a rock against a black background.

Breakthrough reveals poaching hotspots, trade routes of most trafficked endangered mammal

December 14, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Collage of faculty members. Left to right: Eric Chiou, Paul Weiss and Xiangfeng Duan

3 UCLA faculty members named to National Academy of Inventors

December 13, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
An image of Ashe Scholar Sydney Do (fourth from left) honored at a UCLA Academic Advancement Program award reception in October, surrounded by her friends from the AAP’s Transfer Summer Program.

Sydney Do named fifth Arthur Ashe Jr. Scholar

December 13, 2023/by Lucy Berbeo
Image of developing fetus and placenta

UCLA researchers lay groundwork to study effects of maternal diabetes on fetal metabolism and development

December 8, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
The sun peaking over the top of a mountain range illuminating the sky with an orange hue,

Gift of $2 million to create UCLA’s first endowed chair in the study of religion

December 6, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
A woman wearing a blue shirt sitting a wooden table writing in a notebook.

New creative writing minor is open to all UCLA undergraduates

December 6, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
A circular headshot of Daniel Swain against a black background.

Climate researchers need support to become scientist-communicators

December 5, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
A bookshelf with the book "Algo Lit" on display.

New English course embraces the potential of AI

November 29, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Peter Narins, wearing a cap and vest

Peter Narins receives award for research on how animals hear sounds

November 22, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Single penny cut in half

UCLA chemists use oxygen, copper ‘scissors’ to make cheaper drug treatments possible

November 22, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Head-and-shoulders shot of Wilfrid Grandhomme and images of Napoleon Bonaparte and a French flag

Vive la ‘short king’ season!

November 20, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Person wearing denim jacket smiling as another person in plaid shirt strums guitar

Why emotions stirred by music create such powerful memories

November 20, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
The tops of an array of colorful disposable batteries

UCLA center aims to make sodium ion batteries a marketable commodity

November 17, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Chancellor Block speaking at podium after receiving award from LABC, with others in the background

As UCLA continues its push for affordable student housing, Chancellor Block is honored for efforts

November 17, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Bryant Kirkland alongside his book “Herodotus and Imperial Greek Literature."

Book by Bryant Kirkland – his first – is honored by Society for Classical Studies

November 17, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Artwork showing person on a horse defeating demons

Ancient wisdom: UCLA receives $11 million to establish Yarshater Center for the Study of Iranian Literary Traditions

November 16, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Justin Torres at a podium in a white jacket giving speech at National Book Awards ceremony

UCLA’s Justin Torres wins National Book Award for ‘Blackouts’

November 16, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Clarivate researchers

Over three dozen UCLA faculty listed among world’s most influential researchers

November 16, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
researchers in a lab setting

Half a century of advancing sustainability and addressing global environmental issues

November 15, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Colgan-Black Bird

What’s behind the toxic levels of mercury in tropical birds? Gold mining, study shows

November 14, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
a yellow bird on a silver rail with blurred vegetation in the background

Symposium on environmental illnesses highlights new multicampus research initiative

November 14, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Images of electrodes (small squares) and nanowires

Experimental brain-like computing system more accurate with custom algorithm

November 13, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Nam Yong Chu in white combat outfit in wilderness and snow shooting off rocket

They proudly served their adoptive nation – and found a path to medicine along the way

November 9, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
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