Allen Parducci

In memoriam: Allen Parducci, 97, influential cognitive psychologist and early windsurfing pioneer

September 11, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Portraits of Smadar Naoz and Doug Johnson

Celebrate Star Trek Day the Bruin way

September 11, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Football team running onto the field

Does this number make me look fat?

September 11, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Firefighter at California wildfire

UCLA-led climate projects receive $7.5 million in state-funded grants from UC

September 1, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Closeup photo of three ants carrying leaves

Could insights from ants help people build better transportation networks?

August 31, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo

Art is their Adventure

August 31, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
head and shoulders photo of Prineha Narang

UCLA receives $1 million NSF grant to develop quantum sensors

August 30, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Earth atmosphere as seen from orbit

Stratospheric cooling: The concerning flip side of global warming

August 30, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
David Leibrandt portrait

David Leibrandt receives Moore Foundation award to push the boundaries of particle physics

August 28, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Photo collage of Hana Raza, Juan Carlos Monterrey Gómez, Iroro Tanshi.

2023 Pritzker Award finalists: Juan Carlos Monterrey Gómez, Hana Raza, Iroro Tanshi

August 24, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Chem Kids group photo

Organic chem for kids? UCLA program immerses youngsters in notoriously challenging subject

August 23, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Dark-eyed junco perched on a branch

Birds living at UCLA were less afraid of humans after the pandemic closure

August 23, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Marijuana leaf and edibles

Consumers who buy cannabis products containing HHCs could be getting less than they hoped for

August 15, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Students gathered in front of Royce Hall on sunny day with a clear blue sky.

UCLA increases number of California residents and underrepresented students admitted for fall 2023

August 10, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Black and white head and shoulders photo of Wayne Harding smiling.

UCLA receives $4.1 million commitment to atmospheric and oceanic sciences department

August 8, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Dimorphos asteroid surrounded by boulders

Planetary defense test deflected an asteroid but unleashed a boulder swarm

August 4, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Head and shoulders photo of De'Marcus Robinson smiling against a light blue background with cut-out images of sharks surrounding him.

What’s scarier: A 50-ton megalodon or a doctoral dissertation?

August 4, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Illustration of a logic problem surrounded by circuitry

GPT-3 can reason about as well as a college student, UCLA psychologists report

July 31, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
An Yin

In memoriam: An Yin, 64, influential geologist shaped understanding of tectonics on our planet and others

July 28, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Chef Julia Rhoton

A Different Kind of Course Work

July 28, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Teacher in science lab with students

New paper proposes incorporating anti-racism in life sciences education

July 25, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Product marketing claims illustration

Often, consumers inadvertently give too much credit to products’ ‘scientifically studied’ claims

July 25, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Anastassia Alexandrova in front of chalkboard

Chemist Anastassia Alexandrova receives 2023 Gold Shield Faculty Prize

July 24, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo

Come on Barbie, let’s go party – Jane Austen-style!

July 21, 2023/by Lucy Berbeo
Mother holding crying baby

Hardship affects the gut microbiome across generations

July 20, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Owl flying away from fire

How do smoke, smog affect birds? New initiative invites Californians to help find out

July 19, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Wildfire burning in San Gabriel Mountains

Why are California’s wildfires getting worse? Experts explain what we know

July 13, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Portrait of Amander Clark

Amander Clark to start as president of International Society for Stem Cell Research

July 6, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
White-eyed vireo with food sitting on branch

Birds raise fewer young when spring arrives earlier in a warming world

July 6, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Leopard shark in kelp

What’s living beneath the waves in Southern California?

June 28, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Head-and-shoulders shot of Andrew Goldstein

Andrew Goldstein receives grant from Department of Defense

June 27, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Aerial view of rainforest in Amazonas, Brazil

Global network for saving forests has its roots at UCLA

June 27, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Megalodon illustration

Megalodon was no cold-blooded killer

June 27, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Mountain in easter Himalayas that recently experienced a landslide

UCLA geologists are using artificial intelligence to predict landslides

June 27, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Ada Lovelace wearing a Victorian-era outfit against a grey textured background.

Q&A Spotlight: Jessica Cook

June 26, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Michael Rothberg in a blue checkered dress shirt, with a walkway lined with stone columns in the background.

Exploring the fraught nature of memory and comparison

June 23, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Alfred Herrera in a purple guayabera shirt with a blurred outdoor landscape in the background.

Celebrating Alfred Herrera and UCLA’s Center for Community College Partnerships

June 20, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Prineha Narang in a white coat writing equations on a transparent board.

Running down a dream

June 20, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Kelly Kingman in graduation regalia outside of Royce Hall

She followed in her daughters’ footsteps, now her sights are set on a master’s degree

June 16, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Israel Carrillo wearing a blue and gold graduation sash, with green leaves in the background.

First-Gen to Physicist: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe

June 15, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Thien Nguyen standing in front of Royce Hall

First-gen transfer student takes aim at liver cancer

June 15, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo

Gift from Arcadia will advance early global studies at UCLA through postdoctoral fellowships

June 14, 2023/by Lucy Berbeo
Nene Usim in a white dress and blue graduation sash, posing next to a bronze bruin bear statue

Nene Usim is charting her future in medicine

June 13, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
From left to right: Edna Bella Salčin, James Ryan Viason Flores, and True Geralds

Student singers uplift and inspire at UCLA College commencement

June 13, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
UCLA group in Cameroon

These UCLA seniors advanced sustainable farming with incarcerated youth in Cameroon

June 13, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Eduardo Jacques Martinez and son Bryce

Finding a future in a shared adventure with his son

June 13, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Clockwise from left to right: UCLA College marshals Yogita Goyal, Stuart Brown, and Jose Rodriguez.

College marshals honored at UCLA College commencement

June 12, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Gloria Jiyoon Kim at the Getty Center, with trees and building in the background

‘If there was one thing I needed to do, it was to give back’

June 9, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
UCLA Graduate Student Noelle Mitchell wearing a pink sweater (left), and Dr. Kyungae Yang of Columbia in a pink button-up shirt (right), smiling in a research lab with equipment all around them.

The Seven-Year Collaboration That Won’t Quit

June 5, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
JD1 galaxy

Astrophysicists confirm the faintest galaxy ever seen in the early universe

June 1, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Illustration of a satellite floating through space, with Earth, the moon, and empty space in the background.

The Next Trillion Dollar Industry

May 31, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Pangolin in its habitat

White-bellied pangolins are marvels of the mammalian world

May 31, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Artist illustration of jellyfish in clear blue water

Disney mermaids aren’t the only wondrous creatures ‘under the sea’

May 25, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Author Amitav Ghosh in a white long sleeve collar shirt with a black vest standing outside, with green overgrown vines hanging all around him.

Amitav Ghosh delivers UCLA’s Edward W. Said Lecture

May 19, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
UCLA meteorite gallery

The UCLA Meteorite Gallery poetry contest awaits your stellar verse

May 18, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Ancient Greek Mosaic

Dive into the classical work of professor Alex Purves

May 9, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo

UCLA transfer alumnus awarded Knight-Hennessy scholarship

May 9, 2023/by Lucy Berbeo

Connecting worlds through words with professor Michael Berry

May 8, 2023/by Alvaro Castillo
Red-tailed hawk perched outside of a city building

What does it take to thrive in cities, if you’re a bird?

May 3, 2023/by Lucy Berbeo
A silhouette of a person with a hand outstretched in front of a golden sunset

New name, enhanced mission

April 28, 2023/by Lucy Berbeo

Reviving the endangered Western Armenian language for a new generation

April 28, 2023/by Lucy Berbeo