The Corporate and Foundation Relations team is your resource to create new relationships and steward existing partnerships with corporations and private foundations. We help to identify faculty initiatives, programs, and projects that are most aligned with the priorities of foundations and corporations.

Below are services that our team offers to UCLA faculty and staff:

  • Email Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to specific divisions and departments and targeted faculty
  • Identify potential corporate and private foundation funders for your research
  • Help articulate project ideas to improve funding potential
  • Develop general and funder-specific cultivation strategies
  • Contact corporations and foundations to determine interest in proposed projects and/or programs, and potentially set up meetings and conference calls
  • Coordinate meetings for Deans and/or faculty with appropriate foundation and corporate representatives
  • Review, edit, coordinate, and assist with proposal submissions
  • Navigate university and funder policies and procedures
  • Work with various offices on the grant submission process including working with OCGA to help facilitate timely processing of grant agreements
  • Work with your department fund manager to ensure proper budgeting of your application
  • Develop stewardship strategies for funded projects
  • Track due dates for required grant reports and send reminders to faculty to ensure proper reporting

Our office is available to assist you through every step of the grant cycle.

Exploration & Strategy Meetings
The CFR team is happy to meet with you to learn more about your research so that we can discuss funding prospects and develop solicitation plans. It is important to have a clear understanding of your project by knowing your specific objectives and ways to evaluate your research so that CFR can help articulate project ideas to improve funding potential.
Prospecting & Strategy Revision
Once prospects are identified, the CFR team can contact corporations and foundations to determine interest in proposed projects.
Drafting the LOI and/or Proposal
We will assist with writing, editing, and submitting Letters of Inquiry (LOI’s), concept papers, and proposals.
OCGA Review
In order to be considered official by the university, OCGA requires that proposals be submitted to them for review. Proposals must be sent to OCGA at least five business days in advance of the due date to ensure a timely submission and to ensure they adhere to university policy.
Proposal Sent to Funder
After Review and approval of all documents, OCGA will sign and submit the application or return it to the department for submission. Grant review procedures vary widely, and the decision-making process can take anywhere from a few weeks to over six months.
Once the grant is awarded, OCGA reviews the agreement to ensure that terms & legal are achievable.
Fund Management
Handles budgeting after grant is accepted.
Proper Grant Usage and Reporting “Stewardship”
Develop stewardship strategies for funded projects and assist with reporting requirements.