Pamela Yeh, Van Savage contribute to book about lessons from the pandemic

Image of Pamela Yeh and Van Savage

Pamela Yeh and Van Savage. Photo credit: Reed Hutchinson/UCLA (2)

By Sean Brenner

UCLA professors Pamela Yeh and Van Savage are among the contributors to a new book about lessons that can be drawn from the COVID-19 pandemic and society’s response to the crisis.

“The Complex Alternative: Complexity Scientists on the COVID-19 Pandemic” (2021, SFI Press Compass Series) includes articles by 60 leading scholars.

Yeh, an associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, writes about the unique opportunity to study wildlife in empty cities. Savage, a professor of ecology and of evolutionary biology and of biomathematics, explores the informational pitfalls of selective testing.

Written for a general audience, the text also delves into the wide-ranging science, public health and medical challenges and implications of the pandemic, with lessons about how to prepare for possible future pandemics.

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