Funds redirected to maintain high quality of undergraduate education

With UCLA’s largest freshman class projected for this fall, campus leaders have taken steps to ensure enough seats for first-year students in high-demand lower-division courses, including General Education courses, skill courses, and preparation classes for impacted majors.

Even in a crowd, you remain unique, UCLA life scientists report

It may seem paradoxical, but being part of a crowd is what makes you unique, according to UCLA life scientists Kimberly Pollard and Daniel Blumstein.

Astronomers identify thick disc of older stars in Andromeda galaxy

An team of astronomers has identified for the first time a thick stellar disc in the Andromeda galaxy, the nearest large spiral galaxy to our own Milky Way.

Peace Corps director Aaron S. Williams will be the College’s 2011 commencement speaker

Aaron S. Williams, director of the Peace Corps, will be the keynote speaker this June at the public service-themed commencement ceremony for the UCLA College of Letters and Science.

Chemical analysis confirms discovery of oldest wine-making equipment ever found

A UCLA-led team of scientists has confirmed the discovery of a wine production facility that dates back to 4100 bc, including grape seeds, withered grape vines, remains of pressed grapes, a rudimentary wine press, and even a cup and drinking bowl.