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Abstract image with a color gradient suggesting heat in one corner and cold in another, similar to a weather map, heat map, elevation map or climate stripes, labeled "Degrees: UCLA Climate Change Insights."
Earth atmosphere as seen from orbit
An image of the Bitterroot River Montana forest fireJohn MacColgan/Creative Commons

Forest fires increasingly affecting rivers and streams – for better and worse

UCLA-led study finds greater ‘streamflow’ may mean more…
Image of parched land in NevadaFamartin/Wikimedia Commons

Megadrought in southwestern North America is region’s driest in at least 1,200 years

Climate change is a significant factor, UCLA-led research…
Photo credit: Sean Brenner

Days with hazardous levels of air pollutants are more common due to increase in wildfires

In Western U.S., health risks from ground-level ozone and fine…
Divers survey submersible cages used to farm cobia off the coast of Puerto Rico. UCLA researchers conducted the first country-by-country evaluation of the potential for marine aquaculture under current policies and practices.

Will ocean seafood farming sink or swim? UCLA study evaluates its potential

  Seafood farming in the ocean — or marine aquaculture…