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Bruin Bookshelf Spotlight: Professor Zrinka Stahuljak

‘Fixers: Agency, Translation, and the Early Global History…
A composite image of a photograph of Joan Griffin and the cover of her book 'Force of Nature' against a blue and yellow background.

Bruin Bookshelf Spotlight: Joan M. Griffin ’77

‘Force of Nature: Three Women Tackle the John Muir Trail’…
From left: collage of artists Keerat Kaur, Saira Wasim and Rupy C. Tut
Composite image featuring a headshot of Marcus Hunter against a yellow backdrop and the cover of his book “Radical Reparations”
Justin Torres at a podium in a white jacket giving speech at National Book Awards ceremony
Justin Torres and book cover art of a hyena

UCLA’s Brenda Stevenson on reclaiming the history of the Black family

The historian and author discusses her new book, ‘What Sorrows…
Kelly Lytle Hernández and David Myers

History professors on New Yorker’s best books of 2022 list

Kelly Lytle Hernández (left) and David Myers | UCLA;…

Professor’s book spotlights legacy of Mexican political organizers in the American West

Kelly Lytle Hernández’s ‘Bad Mexicans’ comes at a time…