UCLA establishes Department of European Languages and Transcultural Studies

In a move that defies a national trend toward diminishing higher-education…
February 8, 2021/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A photo of student researchers.

Dean Tracy Johnson seeks to diversify the pipeline of future scientists and doctors

When Tracy Johnson was an undergraduate working in a lab…
February 1, 2021/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A photo of Martin Monti.

Scientists jump-start two people’s brains after coma

In 2016, a team led by UCLA’s Martin Monti reported that…
January 28, 2021/by Evelyn Tokuyama

Million Dollar Hoods is already influencing policing in Los Angeles

In less than five years, Million Dollar Hoods has already…
January 28, 2021/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A photo collage of Kristy Hinds, Leann Pham, Genevieve Finn and Kai Huang

UCLA alumna awarded Mitchell Scholarship, first in 20 years

This time next year, Genevieve Finn ’20 will be studying…
January 12, 2021/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A photo of an aerial shot of campus.

UCLA, Berggruen Institute announce lecture series featuring emerging visionaries

The UCLA Division of Humanities has partnered with the Los…
January 12, 2021/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A photo of Michael Carli and Christopher Zyda

The AIDS pandemic of the 1980s and ’90s forms the backdrop for written works by two Bruins, born generations apart

As part of his senior thesis, English major Michael Carli is…
January 7, 2021/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A portrait of Clara Pratte.

Tribal leader Clara Pratte wins Pritzker Award for young environmental innovators

The UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability presented…
January 6, 2021/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A Gaddis Illustration depicting three students.

Are millennials really as ‘post-racial’ as we think?

-Researchers sent 4,000 responses to real “roommate wanted”…
January 6, 2021/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A photo of Royce Hall.

Match funds stimulate establishment of nine centennial term chairs

UCLA College donors gave gifts to establish nine endowed centennial…
January 4, 2021/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A photo of flood waters caused by Tropical Storm Erin in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, in August 2007.

Extreme rainfall projected to get more severe, frequent with warming

Across the continental United States, massive, often-devastating…
December 16, 2020/by Evelyn Tokuyama

UCLA political scientists: Political polarization is not as simple as it appears

As President-elect Joseph Biden prepares to take office amid…
December 9, 2020/by Evelyn Tokuyama