A photo of a sleeping baby.

UCLA-led team of scientists discovers why we need sleep

Prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to severe health problems…
September 18, 2020/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A photo of powerlines in Southern California.

What the wildfires tell us about the shortcomings of California’s electric grid

In addition to the vast destruction they have caused, the…
September 16, 2020/by Evelyn Tokuyama
Images from the four episodes of Earth Focus

Faculty, students co-produce documentary on bipartisan environmental solutions

Anew documentary exploring environmental politics, which…
September 15, 2020/by Evelyn Tokuyama
An illustration of a friendly neighborhood.

Connecting With Kindness

With so many people hurting in this turmoil-filled year —…
September 15, 2020/by Evelyn Tokuyama
Photograph of Abel Valenzuela.

UCLA professor leads research on issues impacting vulnerable workers

“Los Angeles is the harbinger for the future. It’s a…
September 4, 2020/by Chris Ibarra
Left image: The inaugural public event hosted by the Black Feminism Initiative, held in February, featured a conversation between local reproductive justice advocate Kimberly Durdin, left, and UCLA graduate student Ariel Hart. Top right image: Audience at the event. Bottom right from left: Kali Tambree and Jaimie Crumley, student co-coordinators of the Black Feminism Initiative.

Black Feminism Initiative meets the moment, in service of a more just future

If higher education can be thought of as a superhighway to…
August 28, 2020/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A photo of Ida B. Well.

Five Black suffragists who were critical to the long battle for the vote

In her latest book, “Suffrage: Women’s Long Battle for…
August 27, 2020/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A photo of two N95 respirators.

Single-use N95 respirators can be decontaminated and used again, study finds

N95 respirators, which are widely worn by health care workers…
August 27, 2020/by Evelyn Tokuyama
A photo of Professor Lili Yang.

How a UCLA scientist is using stem cells to take on COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, UCLA researchers are rising…
August 21, 2020/by Evelyn Tokuyama

Shu-mei Shih named inaugural Edward W. Said Professorship in Comparative Literature

Humanities scholar Shu-mei Shih has been named the inaugural…
August 18, 2020/by Evelyn Tokuyama
Image of Math Building Collage

Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics awarded $25M renewal from NSF

UCLA’s Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, through…
August 7, 2020/by Chris Ibarra

Teo Ruiz: Amid uncertainty and adversity, we can find strength in beauty

Teo Ruiz finds beauty in the efforts of health…
August 5, 2020/by Evelyn Tokuyama