Annual Hammer Art History Lecture

Monday, May 8 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Royce 314, Online
Organizer: CMRS Center for Early Global Studies

“Silver: Mutability and Materiality across Seventeenth-Century Networks of Trade and Plunder in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans”

Nancy Um (Associate Director, Research and Knowledge Creation, Getty Research Institute)


This talk delves into the circulation of silver in the late seventeenth century, a time when the silver streams of Potosi fueled the global maritime trade. It explores farflung oceanic networks of value, by tracing material connections between distant yet intertwined monetary systems on the Arabian Peninsula and colonial North America and by highlighting dispersed legacies of metalwork and numismatics.

Featured image: Detail, Tankard, Gerrit Onckelbag American, 1700–1710

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