Two people is bear costumes wearing light blue UCLA basketball jerseys and yellow sunglasses driving a blue convertible through a revolving landscape that includes, among other things, costal and mountain views.
A young girl, rendered using Grand Theft Auto’s game graphics, looks out at a revitalized L.A. River and the cityscape beyond.
A close-up view of a laboratory setting, showcasing a pipette dispensing a liquid into one of the many small, clear tubes arranged in a tray. The tray is dark blue, and the background is blurred, emphasizing the precision of the experiment in progress.

Scientific rigor and creativity on display at Undergraduate Research Week 2024

Meet some of this year’s more than 1,600 student researchers By…
Left to right: UCLA Professor Michael Emmerich (accepting the award on behalf of Tadashi Yanai), Alexandra Minna Stern, Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay, Mani L. Bhaumik, Adriana Galván, Marcie Rothman, Matthew Harris, Abel Valenzuela, Peter Taylor and Tracy Johnson at the UCLA College 100 celebration.