Throughout the Centennial Campaign for UCLA, which ended in December, UCLA College alumni, faculty and friends invested heavily to empower excellence across all five divisions.

Thanks to this generosity, the College raised more than $650M—163% of its original goal—doubling its overall endowment.

Our donors’ investment in the College is paying off in a number of critical ways.

Endowed chairs are empowering the College’s world-renowned faculty to pursue transformative research while ensuring we can attract leading faculty in their fields.

Graduate fellowships such as the Betty and S.L. Huang Graduate Fellowships in the Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences are allowing the College to compete with our peer institutions and bring the best scholars to campus for their graduate training and to teach undergraduates.

Undergraduate scholarships like the Ashe Scholarship, Life Sciences Scholars and Undergraduate Research Scholars are opening pathways for students from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams and graduate from UCLA with little to no student loan debt.

New research institutes and centers such as the UCLA Bedari Kindness Institute, the Bhaumik Institute of Theoretical Physics and the Luskin Center for History and Policy are bringing together experts from various fields to make scientific and scholarly breakthroughs and share those advances with policymakers and the public.

Yet another transformative gift created the Kaplan-Panzer Endowment, which supported the philosophy department, provided match funds for graduate student support across the Humanities, and resulted in the Humanities building being renamed Renée and David Kaplan Hall.

Capital gifts during the campaign are providing state-of-the-art facilities for students and faculty, including Pritzker Hall (housing the psychology department) and the La Kretz Botany Building.

None of this would be possible without donors. The College is deeply grateful for the support—support that will continue to be needed far into the future. The state of California provides the slimmest foundation for UCLA’s budget, at just 7 per cent. This means that philanthropy will continue to be vital to keep the College at the forefront of discovery, societal impact, affordable first-rate education, and upward economic mobility.






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