The Bruin Tech Fund provides awards (not loans) to financially vulnerable students who need to acquire technology, such as up-to-date computers or Wi-fi, to excel in their courses in a remote learning environment. The funds are distributed through UCLA’s financial aid office and ensure that students have the same access to technology they traditionally get from campus computer labs and services. In addition to supporting students’ technology needs, the Bruin Tech Fund provides vital resources to sustain teaching excellence in a hybrid in-person/remote learning environment.

The Bruin Tech Fund was spearheaded in March 2020 by Patricia A. Turner, Senior Dean of UCLA College and Dean and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, as UCLA transitioned to remote instruction to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. A crowdfunding campaign raised $200,000 in just a few weeks, and leaders from all corners of campus contributed resources from their discretionary funds. As of June 2020, nearly 1,000 students have received support.

“The pandemic has upended so many lives, but the collective generosity of the Bruin community has been an antidote to uncertainty for financially vulnerable students, ensuring they can thrive in a remote learning environment.”

Patricia A. TurnerSenior Dean of UCLA College and Dean and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education

“I really feel like I’m finally on the same playing field as my peers; I feel like I’ve been able to take notes more effectively and I feel like I’ve seen that reflect in my test scores.”

Sara G.UCLA undergraduate

“I was one of the students who was able to purchase a new device and get through my quarter successfully, and it wouldn’t be possible without your support.”

Tamineh D.UCLA undergraduate