Disability Accommodation

All UCLA Commencement venues are required to be ADA accessible.

Please contact your department or professional school if you require an accommodation for those ceremonies.

If you or your guests need an accommodation to be able to access the College Commencement ceremony, you must contact the College Commencement Office on the Message Center and describe the accommodation.  Your guests can also contact Message Center without a UCLA login.  There is no separate ticketing for guests requiring such assistance.  All venues are ADA wheelchair accessible, and an event usher can escort them to seating. We advise arriving one hour before. The campus does not provide transportation or wheelchairs for any guests once they arrive on campus (i.e., no shuttle from parking to the venue, etc.).

Graduates using a wheelchair or experiencing mobility difficulties can access the College Commencement ceremony through a special entrance to Pauley Pavilion and can join the procession on the floor of the arena via an elevator.  Please contact the College Commencement Office in Message Center to arrange your entry to the ceremony if you require mobility assistance.

If any graduates or guests need sign language interpretation, please contact your ceremony’s organizers as soon as possible (the department or professional school), and they can ensure the accommodation is provided.  If you or your guests require sign language interpretation for the College Commencement, please contact the College Commencement Office in Message Center as soon as possible (graduates use this link; guests use this link) to arrange for seating near the interpreters in Pauley Pavilion.