The new standardized department Logo — sometimes called a lockup or signature — combines the campus logo with the name of a school or department. Use of the standard department logo system is required for all academic and administrative units. Please refer to the UCLA brand site for minimum clear space, minimum size, color usage and things to avoid.

Following the update to Policy 110 and UCLA’s brand guidelines, UCLA Strategic Communications and College Communications have worked closely with the Deans of the College to implement a logo system that is more consistent and recognizable to internal and external audiences.

For guidance on the downloadable assets, formats, file names and lock-up variations click here.

  • Bedari Kindness Institute (Coming Soon)
  • California Census Research Data Center (Coming Soon)
  • California Center for Population Research: Logos | Email Banners
  • California Policy Lab (Coming Soon)
  • Center for American Politics and Public Policy (Coming Soon)
  • Center for Behavior, Evolution & Culture: Logos | Email Banners
  • Center for Economic History: Logos | Email Banners
  • Center for Language, Interaction & Culture: Logos | Email Banners
  • Center for Social Theory and Comparative History
  • Center for Social Statistics (Coming Soon)
  • Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Politics: Logos | Email Banners
  • Center for the Study of Women: Logos | Email Banners
  • Center on the Everyday Lives of Families (Coming Soon)
  • Cesar Chavez Digital Mural Lab Center: Logos | Email Banners
  • Cotsen Institute of Archaeology: Logos | Email Banners
  • Institute for Research on Labor & Employment: Logos | Email Banners
  • Latino Policy & Politics Initiative (Coming Soon)
  • Luskin Center for History & Policy (Coming Soon)
  • Marcus Garvey and UNIA Papers Project (Coming Soon)
  • Voting Rights Project (Coming Soon)

*Please note the following changes:

  • All standard lock-ups (also known as logos) will use departments’ full names: acronyms will not be permitted, with few exceptions that are widely recognizable to all audiences (e.g. ROTC).
  • If the word ‘and’ was used in a series in the previous lock-up, this will be replaced with “&” (no comma preceding the “&”).