September 6, 2019:
Unit 18 Lecturer Series
– Appointment to Initial Continuing Lecturer (eff. Spring 2020)
– Winter (9/12) appointment/

October 28, 2019:
Unit 18 Lecturer Series
– Winter (9/9) appointment/

November 1, 2019:
Professor Series
– Merit Equity Review

December 2, 2019:
Adjunct Series

– Promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor (Tenure)
– Promotion to Full Professor
– Merit to Professor VI
– Merit to Professor (Initial) Above Scale


Required Search for Pre-Six Reappointments

All Pre-Six Lecturers must reapply through UC Recruit after their self-ending appointments expire.

  • Lecturers appointed on a quarterly basis must re-apply each quarter.
  • Lecturers appointed on a yearly basis must re-apply each academic year.
  • Continuing Lecturers do not have to go through a search.

Updated Pre-Six Data Summary Form for Pre-Six Lecturers

We have been receiving old Pre-Six Data Summary forms, and these will no longer be accepted.  Therefore, be sure to use the updated version of the Pre-Six Data Summary form (with specific sections for JPF/EXR and Visa information) which is available on the AP Toolkit.

Non-Reappointment Forms

Non-Reappointment Forms are required for all Pre-Six Lecturers that will not be reappointed following the completion of their self-ending appointments.  A descriptive reason, and any relevant correspondence from the lecturer regarding the non-reappointment must be submitted.

Here are examples of the most common situations:

  1. Temporary need – “Ladder faculty came back from sabbatical”. Include ladder faculty name, sabbatical period, and course (e.g. Professor Joe Bruin, on Sabbatical Fall Quarter XX, teaching Emergency 101)
  2. Not interested – “Declined offer – personal/health reasons”, “Declining consideration due to receiving a tenure-track position,” or “Found employment at other institution”. Include the new title, institution, and attach Lecturer’s *declination of offer/new employment notification/resignation.
  3. Class not offered – “Course cancelled due to low enrollment numbers”.  Attach the *written notice of course cancellation that was sent to the Lecturer.

*email will suffice

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