December 2, 2019:
Adjunct Series

– Promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor (Tenure)
– Promotion to Full Professor
– Merit to Professor VI
– Merit to Professor (Initial) Above Scale

January 3, 2020:
Professor/In-Residence/Adjunct Series
– Assistant Professor 4th year appraisal
– 2-year renewal for Assistant Professor
– Accelerated Merit (skipping a step)
– Merit to Professor, Further Above Scale

Research Series
– All Actions

Unit 18 Lecturer Series
– Appointment to Initial Continuing Lecturer (effective Fall 2020)
– Promotion to Senior Continuing Lecturer (effective Fall 2020)


Interfolio Update: Internal Case Sections

Any document uploaded in the External Letters section may no longer be shared with the candidate. If a case was created prior to October 2nd and redacted letters were uploaded in this section, these should be moved to the Redacted Letters section. This change will prevent the original/unredacted letters of evaluation from being shared by mistake. For cases that don’t have a Redacted Letters section and are still being assembled at the department level, the Opus staff are adding this section.

Therefore, to avoid having the case sent back to you and delaying the review process, make sure the original/unredacted and redacted letters of evaluation are uploaded in the correct sections in Interfolio before submitting the case to the Dean’s Office.

Reminder: Enter Vote Waivers in OPUS

As a reminder, proposed initial vote waiver requests and renewals must be entered as an action in OPUS (not in Interfolio*) by the faculty member’s home department. The Dean’s Office can close out the action, but the home department must first enter these actions in OPUS.

*Note: when the faculty member is up for review and the action is entered in both OPUS and Interfolio, the approved vote waiver should be uploaded to Interfolio. Check your faculty roster to make sure that faculty with joint appointments have their vote waivers current.

One-time Payment Update

Effective immediately Corporate Financial Services (Payroll) will not accept any attached documents to the one-time payment or multi-location form. Therefore, ensure that the one-time payment or multi-location form contains all the necessary information (e.g. matching appointment and distribution percentages).

Unit 18 Lecturer – Data Summary Form

Effective immediately, in addition to reflecting the monthly rate, indicate the pay status (9/9) or (9/12) on page 2 of the Data Summary. See below for an example.

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