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1. A duty is a major subdivision of work performed by one individual.
2. It includes similar tasks that make up one area of responsibility.
3. Most jobs have four to eight duties.

Example 1               Example 2
Example 3               Example 4

Example 1                 Example 2
Example 3                Example 4
1.  A task is one of the work operations that is a logical, essential step in the performance of a duty.
2. It defines the methods, procedures and techniques by which duties are carried out.
3. It should show:
-What is done (action).
-How it is done (procedures, materials, tools, or equipment).
-Why it is done (purpose).
4. Begin each task statement with an action verb in the first person present tense, e.g. write, calibrate, analyze.
5. Carefully clarify the following verbs which have a variety of meanings and connotations
-Analyze                 -Act as liaison
-Prepare                 -Supervise
-Handle                  -Edit
Task Clarification Example 1
Task Clarification Example 2
6.  Use an alternative task statement format when there is too much information in a single sentence.
Alternative Format Example
7. Define uncommon abbreviations.
8. Do not include references to personal qualities or skills.
9. Provide supporting documentation to substantiate qualitative terms(e.g. complex, elaborate)
10. Avoid phrases such as "assist in", "responsible for" and "involved in" which obscure the action.
Vague Task Phrasing Example
Sr. Clerk Duties
A. Typing
B. Correspondence
C. Public Contact
D. Conference coordination
E. Filing
Sr. Clerk Tasks
D. Conference Coordination
D1.  Schedule speakers for bi-monthly departmental seminars by calling individuals from established listings, ascertaining availability, determining event dates and composing correspondence.
Management Services Officer Duties
A. Budgetary analysis
B. Budget control
C. Contract and grant administration
D. Supervision of personnel resources
E. Material management
F. Space utilization
Management Services Officer Tasks
A. Budgetary Analysis
A1.  Plan and prepare the annual budget by integrating departmental goals and program plans; research, laboratory and administrative requirements; and faculty, student and other statistical data.
Administrative Specialist Duties
A. Organizing work flow
B. Training
C. Staffing
D. Establishing procedures
E. EDB Update 
Administrative Specialist Tasks
C. Staffing
C1.  Initiate personnel actions including selecting new employees, conducting performance evaluations, recommending salary increases, providing counseling on disciplinary problems and recommending corrective actions in order to maintain effective staffing and production levels. 
Senior Hospital Biller Duties
A. Follow up on delinquent accounts
B. Correction of billing errors
C. Writing off of unpaid accounts
D. Crediting of accounts
E. Documentation of files
Senior Hospital Biller Tasks
A. Follow up on delinquent accounts
A1.  Follow up on all delinquent accounts within specified patient alpha grouping by reviewing patientís file and any sponsor correspondence to determine possible source of payment problem. Make telephone/written inquiry to sponsor requesting explanation.


A summary statement provides a synopsis of the major purpose of a position and its role in the department.

Sample Summary Statement


This section of the job description describes the way in which work is assigned, when it is reviewed, how it is reviewed, and what guidelines, prototypes and protocols are available.

Sample Degree of Supervision Statement

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