Here are the major milestones in planning your graduation from UCLA.
Not every milestone will apply to you, but you can learn more by clicking on the items below:


You are automatically eligible to participate in 2018 College Commencement if you:

  1. Have graduated Fall 2017 or Winter 2018, OR
  2. Have completed 148 units by the end of Winter 2018 AND are declared to graduate Spring or Summer 2018.

If you do not meet the above eligibility criteria but wish to be included in the 2018 College Commencement, you must file a Special Inclusion Petition (SIP) as follows:

  • Students who are declared to graduate Fall 2018 – file an online SIP through MyUCLA .
  • Students who do not meet the criteria above – file a paper SIP, which is available at your College counseling unit – Academic Advancement Program, Honors Programs, or College Academic Counseling.

Beginning Wednesday, February 28 – SIPs (as specified above) can be filed.

For STUDENTS, please direct any questions regarding your academic eligibility to your College counseling unit:


Declare/Update Candidacy Term
Spring Quarter
by Friday, April 13, 2018
Indicate the degree candidacy term that you expect to graduate.

This information can be verified in your: Degree Progress/Audit Report

Note: Winter Quarter degrees will be awarded on (or about) Friday, April 20, 2018.

Review your Privacy Options
Wednesday, February 28
– Friday, April 20, 2018
Review your Privacy Options
– manage how your public information is shared. If you want your name reflected in the College Commencement program, you must remove privacy restrictions from your name. Note: Privacy restrictions on other information, such as address and phone number, can remain.
Verify how your name will appear in the College Commencement Program
Wednesday, February 28
– Friday, April 20, 2018
Your current UCLA legal name, will appear

However, if it is formatted incorrectly (such as “De La Cruz”, not “de la Cruz”; or “Mcdonald”, not “McDonald”; etc.) or you would like your UCLA preferred name reflected in the commencement program, send a message to the College Commencement Office through Message Center “Name Update” queue , indicating the change.

Please note: Message Center cannot be used to make changes to your diploma.

If your legal name has changed or is misspelled, visit the Diplomas page to request changes.

Last day to file a Special Inclusion Petition (SIP) and have your name appear in the College Commencement Program.
Friday, April 20, 2018 Last day to file a Special Inclusion Petition (SIP) and have your name appear in the College Commencement Program.

After Friday, April 20, you can still file a SIP and, if it is approved, participate in Commencement events,
but your name will NOT be included in the program.
To order tickets, visit Ticket Ordering.

iGrad Workshop
Enroll in an iGrad Workshop
The planning guidelines outlined above along with other items are discussed in detail. All students are strongly encouraged to attend a workshop.

Offered by College Academic Counseling (CAC)
View the Winter 2018 iGrad Schedule and Guide to Graduation 2018.

Offered by Academic Advancement Program (AAP)

View the 2018 Winter iGrad 2018 Schedule

College Honors
by Friday, April 6, 2018 Indicate candidacy by completing and submitting the College Honors Candidacy form
Latin Honors
Visit the Registrar’s web site to view eligibility requirements and GPAs
This information can also be viewed in your Degree Progress/Audit Report


Participate in the Senior Survey
Friday, January 19 –
Monday, June 25, 2018
Visit Ticket Ordering for full details regarding
Tuesday, April 24,
– Friday, May 18, 2018
  • Submitting your time preference for the College Commencement Ceremony
  • Receiving your preference decision via a MyUCLA notice
  • And then, placing your remaining order for guests tickets and parking permits

Order distribution of tickets and parking permits for all Commencement events
beginning Tuesday,
May 29, 2018


Graduation Etc.
Ackerman Union, A–Level
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
(310) 825-2587
Order your cap and gown
beginning Monday,
March 5, 2018
Pick up your cap and gown
beginning Monday,
May 29, 2018
Take your senior portrait – View the portrait schedules here and here
To have your portrait appear in the BruinLife Yearbook – by Friday, June 8
Order your senior portrait
by Monday, May 28 To receive the order before Commencement weekend
Order graduation announcements
by Monday, May 28 To receive the order before Commencement weekend
Latin Honors – purchase Honors braid or fourragère
beginning Monday,
June 4, 2018
For students graduating Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude


Review the final planning information page to plan for the day of the ceremony.

  • Know when to line up for the ceremony.
  • Read key policies and precautions.
  • Find out where to view photos after the event.


Apply to be student speaker at College Commencement
deadline is Friday,
April 6, 2018, 12:00 p.m.
Apply to be student singer at College Commencement
deadline is Friday,
April 6, 2018, 12:00 p.m.
Order your copy of the BruinLife Yearbook
either online or in person at 118 Kerckhoff Hall
Participate in the Senior Class Giving Campaign 
Join the Class of 2018 in giving back here.
Apply for a Chancellor’s Service Award
deadline is Friday,

March 2, 2018 at 11:59 PM