Jolie Chea and Qutami Loubna
Leah Likin poses in front of a section of the art component of her honors capstone project
Illustration of a satellite floating through space, with Earth, the moon, and empty space in the background.
Pangolin in its habitat
Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi
Megan Li and her family
Author Amitav Ghosh in a white long sleeve collar shirt with a black vest standing outside, with green overgrown vines hanging all around him.

Amitav Ghosh delivers UCLA’s Edward W. Said Lecture

The internationally acclaimed Indian author shared insights into…
Foster and Snelson

A movement of her own

Graduating senior Ava Boehm designed her own major to further…
Ancient Greek Mosaic

Dive into the classical work of professor Alex Purves

This 2023 Guggenheim Fellow plumbs the depths of the ancient…