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Office of Undergraduate
Evaluation and Research

The Office of Undergraduate Evaluation and Research conducts comprehensive evaluations of the many curricular efforts employed to improve the quality of undergraduate education at UCLA. The Office provides evaluation and research services for programs and projects falling under the auspices of the College of Letters and Science. Using both quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods, we provide institutional policymakers and program administrators with the data and information necessary to strengthen these programs. This process involves partnering with colleagues from diverse departments across campus to design, and in many cases implementing, the evaluation plans.

We learn about the experiences of UCLA undergraduates and those who teach, mentor, and advise them. We evaluate the impact of various academic experiences on student learning, development, and satisfaction with undergraduate education. As a result, we examine how student outcomes are influenced by such variables as curriculum, departments, tutorials, counseling, and technology. We also collaborate with other researchers at colleges and universities across the country.

Our work encompasses the following areas:

New Initiatives: We design and implement evaluation programs that are tailored to the College's emerging curricular efforts. These projects include research on general education initiatives, one-unit undergraduate seminars, and the use of virtual reality and distance education technology.

Ongoing Initiatives: We assist the college in ongoing data collection and evaluation. For example, we provide the Undergraduate Council and academic departments with data about undergraduate students' satisfaction with curricula, courses, and other aspects of the department for use in eight-year reviews. In addition, we coordinate UCLA's participation in several annual national surveys and utilize this data to inform administrators and other policymakers about issues that may influence academic planning.

Strategic Alliances: We work closely with other institutional researchers on campus, such as the Student Affairs Information and Research Office, the Academic Planning and Budget Office, the Chancellor's Office, the Office of Instructional Development, the Higher Education Research Institute, and the Office of Residential Life to help coordinate research and data collection efforts across campus.

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