Student Quotes

In Spring 2018, all seniors in the UCLA College of Letters and Science were asked to complete a survey on their experiences at the university. The survey explored students’ views regarding their studies, lives on campus, and future plans.

The result was more than 5,930 seniors responding – approximately 84 percent of the graduating class. Survey responses document students’ views on the overall UCLA experience, campus life, academic majors and minors, faculty and courses, and research opportunities for undergraduates.

More than 3,200 seniors – 54 percent of survey participants – responded to the following question: What was your most meaningful learning experience at UCLA? The majority of responses to this question fell into one or more of 12 themes, presented below and accompanied by select responses.

Curriculum (24%, 1,187 responses)

I think the most meaningful experience I've had here at UCLA was my freshman year in my first geography class. For the first time, I knew that there was a field for me and that I could pursue something that I was interested in.

My maternal and child health class exposed me to the world of Public Health and has influenced my plans for my future. I learned about our nation's health inequities and many times I saw parallels in what the professor was discussing with my own life.

I really enjoyed my MCDB [Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology] 146 class at UCLA because it really made the difficult material fun for me and I realized that cancer is something that I want to study for the rest of my life.

My most meaningful learning experience at UCLA was in my Management 161 class with Professor [name redacted]. We learned how to create a business plan and move from just an idea to a concrete plan that would allow us to execute our idea in the future. The entrepreneurship minor was great because it was very application-based and I felt as though the material I was learning was very in line with the necessary steps that it takes to actually create a business.

[The] creative writing course for veterans helped me to communicate my experiences and gave me an opportunity to share those experiences with the wider community.

My most meaningful learning experience came as an undergraduate taking courses on the subject of bioethics. My eyes were truly opened to what it means to not be so one-sided in my views and to carefully understand and consider the position and situation of others.

My most meaningful learning experience was taking . . . Communications 171. . . . Studying cases and getting a real understanding of constitutional law was a revolutionary experience for me. Having familiarity with concepts like strict/intermediate scrutiny and rational basis tests has changed the way I see things when I hear about Supreme Court cases on the news. Knowing more about the process that governs us as citizens has really changed my outlook.

My most meaningful learning experience at UCLA was during my future careers seminar in CHEM 147. I learned so much about the diverse fields people in my major could enter into.

After finishing my first lower-division Asian American Studies course (Asia Am 20), I felt that I had learned a lot not only about the history of my cultural roots and the migration that my family and many like mine experienced, but I have also become much more socially aware and have a better understanding of how Asian American history is intertwined with the histories of other people of color.

My most meaningful learning experience at UCLA was studying the philosopher Marcuse in my political theory class with Professor [name redacted]. I was able to place college and grades in perspective of our larger purpose in life, understand what is truly important, and critically examine the society in which we live.

Taking an Intro to Islam course at UCLA. Being Muslim myself, it was very gratifying to see a multitude of races, genders and ethnicities wanting to learn about my religion with a completely unbiased approach. Especially in light of how unfortunately some people portray it in the world today. It meant a lot to me and really made me feel like I belong here at UCLA.

My introduction into human biology and physiology. I have always been interested in these topics. Having had the opportunity to explore them has pushed me to pursue a future in medicine.

I think my most meaningful learning experience at UCLA was taking diverse classes, such as World Arts through Moral Action. I felt immersed in the material and afterwards walked out feeling inspired. I enjoyed taking courses that were outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to think in a diverse way.

I had the privilege to take part in two courses during my senior year that took place at Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall in Sylmar, California. In these courses, we co-facilitated teaching and learning with UCLA students alongside the students incarcerated. . . .  These learning environments challenged me to think about the purpose of education as something to expand your mind, open your heart, and broaden your consciousness - to set you free, rather than to lead you to any unclear future goal or prize.

My Disabilities Studies course was very eye-opening. I learned a lot about the discrimination that people with disabilities face, and it prompted me to want to work with people with disabilities in the future.

Personal Growth (16%, 771 responses)

Immersing myself in such a diverse and exciting environment helped me come out of my shell. The amount of personal growth I've experienced here is astounding.

From UCLA, I learned that nothing ever turns out like you expect and you are always better for it.

UCLA has taught me to work on building up character and individuality, not just academic prestige.

I encountered many distractions and challenges throughout my UCLA career, but UCLA has taught me to learn from my mistakes and grow as a person.

Looking back, I have changed so much throughout my four years here, and these changes have made me a more understanding, open-minded individual while at the same time giving me the confidence to stand up for what I believe in and be confident in my decisions. This growth has prepared me to go out into the work force and the real world and have the confidence to pursue my dreams and not allow societal norms or standards to deter me.

I "found myself" at UCLA. I found my voice and gained confidence in myself. I leave knowing that I am the creator of my own future.

I started off as a somewhat negative person in many perspectives but now I have flourished into an optimistic person because of all the experiences I had at UCLA.

Looking back at how far I've come, it occurred to me that my own personal growth wasn't something I could document day-to-day. From all of the times I have struggled to when I really felt I was hitting my stride, I was evolving and becoming a more adult version of my old self without me even realizing [it]. There is so much latent learning that comes with a college education, and I'm proud of all that I have accomplished emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Put simply, I've become a better person. Everything I've learned has taught me about my own position within society and how to better navigate power relations that might otherwise be used to marginalize my experience.

In my time at UCLA, I learned two crucial things: time management, and the importance of being true to yourself. Just because everyone else is doing something does not mean you also have to follow suit, being independent is totally fine. Working hard and being kind gets you places, and if you combine both of those then you should achieve realistic goals that you set for yourself.

I gained a lot of confidence at UCLA. I learned how to work really hard and through working hard I learned what I was capable of, and that has given me confidence.

I learned my strengths and weaknesses throughout the 4 years that I've had here, including my time management skills, distress tolerance, mental health and mindfulness techniques, future career options, and how I deal with friendships/relationships. Because of UCLA, I've learned so much about myself, and I'm so much more equipped to take on the world, with all of the hardships and mishaps that come along with it.

I've learned that growth is a huge part of life, and sometimes in growing, obstacles are thrown your way which you have the choice to deter you or make you stronger. UCLA has given me the ability to be stronger.

Faculty (11%, 516 responses)

It truly is a family here, with academic professors/faculty/staff all willing to help in any way they can, putting aside their busy schedules to answer any questions I had.

Well-educated and caring instructors who challenged me to think for myself was the best part of this experience. I am glad I had an opportunity to meet them and be their student.

Simply learning from the incredible minds that have taught all my classes. Seeing all these intellectuals come together for the common cause of furthering the next generation is very meaningful to me.

I was able to grow as an individual through the challenges some professors created. My writing style has improved, my creativity has broadened and matured, and my thirst for knowledge has grown. I appreciate these professors for trying their best every day, and providing students like me with a comfortable and inspiring academic environment in order to intellectually grow.

I learned the most working one on one with my professors. They truly inspired me to grow and learn and be better and do more than I would have ever been able to do without them.

Being able to learn from professors who are renowned in their field has been immensely meaningful to me.

Although my overall experience was fantastic, I really enjoyed spending time with some of the greatest professors.

My most meaningful learning experience at UCLA would definitely be meeting all the amazing professors I had the privilege of working with, and hearing their stories.

There was no class I took that I did not have any interest in. Most of my professors and TAs were absolutely amazing and passionate about teaching and the work they do.

Being exposed to older people who had achieved SUCH a high level of success. Professors, TAs mentors, older students, and the like - being around accomplished people made me want to learn from them and be like them.

Some teachers have gone above and beyond to make the experience as comfortable as possible while still allowing students the independence to grow and learn. That moment when I make a connection with the professor as a person is what I will remember the most. It reminds me that these leading scholars are just like me and were just like me when they were undergraduates as well. It is inspirational to be able to study under them and encourages me to keep trying my best.

The astronomy professors at UCLA are superb. Having such inspiring teachers, who welcome students to their office hours to truly answer questions and help students learn, was the best experience.

I . . . really value the time that I had with the professors, going to their office hours and getting to know them on a personal level really deconstructed this prestigious institution and made it mine to define.

Diversity (10%, 469 responses)

My most meaningful learning experience was my interaction with students from different ethnicities, backgrounds, and sexual orientations. It was really eye-opening to hear about these students' experiences, whether it was their struggles, hardships, or accomplishments. Other students really motivated me to push myself harder and be more considerate and understanding of those around me.

I feel I have learned and grown most from the people I have been blessed to meet, and the diverse student population that is UCLA. Being able to partake in a unified and at times divided discussion about politics, religion, philosophy, and future trajectories with intelligent people from all over the world has made my own approach to life a much more holistic and mindful process, and that experience is something I will always take with me.

The most meaningful learning experience for me was learning that not only can the privileged attend this amazing school, but so can the underprivileged. UCLA opened the door to meet new and interesting people from various backgrounds; each person at UCLA has their own story of struggles and triumphs, making for a unique and diverse school.

My most meaningful learning experience at UCLA was living in the transfer dorms. I met so many different people from all different walks of life that really taught me a lot about the world. I grew up in a town that I thought was diverse, but it was nothing compared to the people I met at UCLA.

Being around a culturally diverse population has helped me to better understand and respect other people's beliefs and to not judge others based on what they believe in. Respect for others is something that is very important to me when I join the work force and will likely be encountering people that come from many backgrounds and knowing that deep down they are just like me and have worked hard just like me to get to where they are.

Growing up from a different state, and only familiar with people of my race, I never felt comfortable interacting with people outside of my race. After coming to UCLA, it taught me how much of a closed-minded person I was. UCLA taught me to socialize and meet amazing new friends that are not my race.

Being surrounded by such a diverse community really helped expand my horizons and viewpoints. This was easily my most treasured experience.

The amount of diversity in the student body meant a large diversity of perspectives and opinions that really helped me forge connections and broaden my horizons about my community, my state, and my country.

I think the most meaningful learning experience for me was to realize that there [is] such diversity in the world and to be open to different beliefs. Being able to realize that how I think is a sum of what I have experienced and have been taught was huge.

Coming from a primarily white upper-class background, interacting regularly with people of different ethnicities, sexual orientations and socioeconomic backgrounds allowed me to better understand my own privilege and ingrained prejudices that I didn't know I had. I'm a better person and citizen for it.

Taking classes with many students who were Central American or were immigrants of Central Americans. Hearing their stories, listening to their perspectives and what their families went through (or how their families will be impacted by DACA or Trump) was an eye opening and meaningful experience for me because it reminds me that being a part of UCLA also means offering support to these other communities and doing whatever possible to resist their oppression.

My most meaningful learning experience at UCLA was in the dorms my freshman year, when I met people who were completely different than me. It was there that I learned how to discuss my beliefs and others in a constructive and positive way, and how to look at things from other people's perspectives. I also learned how to get along with people whom I wouldn't have previously tried to get along with.

Friendships (6%, 296 responses)

My family away from home is here. Endlessly grateful for the beautiful souls I've had the chance to love and be loved by.

My most meaningful learning experience at UCLA was just being on campus, in the dorms and interacting with my peers. My friends have taught to me laugh, to love, to persevere, to be creative, to go for what I want in life and ultimately to be me. This is something that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I met some truly amazing people here at UCLA.

The people I have met at UCLA are different than the people I meet anywhere else. They are smart, talented, driven, and always have something interesting to say, whether they are fellow students or the faculty. Every single time I meet someone new here, I learn something new, and that has been an extremely valuable experience.

The most meaningful [learning experience] was the relationships that I formed with my friends. All of the sleepless nights studying together in a library room, motivating and believing in each other has created a bond for us that is more valuable than anything else.

My most meaningful experience has been my interactions with the amazing friends I have made here. This university has truly been a challenge in various aspects, but we have been there for each other through it all.

At UCLA, I met people who helped me consider who I was and what I wanted for myself. I made friends who were in the LGBTQA community who helped me feel that my experience was not an isolated one and that there were more people out there who felt the way that I felt and struggled through the things that I did.

My most meaningful learning experience at UCLA was realizing that there is a community of people who actually do care for me and my learning and wellbeing. I had a very difficult sophomore year and many students helped me through [it].

Meeting people, my best friends, etc. - they have helped to shaped me and I hope I have helped shape them. We are different people who engage in thoughtful discussions outside of class, and support each other in academic endeavors.

The friends I made here and what they have taught me, and being able to reflect on their struggles and tell them about mine, and just to see how we can relate and differ and discuss things was pretty awesome.

Extracurricular Involvement (6%, 282 responses)

My most meaningful learning experience at UCLA was getting involved with student government and extracurricular clubs. I learned a lot in my classes, but these were the groups and activities that are most similar to the type of working world I will be entering, and thus have prepared me the most for life after college. In these groups, I got to work as part of a team, interact with different people and groups, and produce work meaningful to me.

Honestly all of the experiences I had outside of the classroom have been more meaningful and edifying than those within the classroom. Being a part of the Bruin Home Solutions club at UCLA and building hydroponics and aquaponics units was the most meaningful learning experience I gained.

Being a part of Samahang Pilipino. I will forever treasure all of the personal growth I gained, as well as the amazing work we did for the community. Becoming a leader in my community gave me so much: a community to make UCLA feel smaller, a place to really dig deep into my own identity, several internship and research opportunities, interactions with alumni whom I know I could count on after I graduate, and so much more.

The extracurricular activities related to professional development within the majors (actuarial math case competitions by BAS [Bruin Actuarial Society], DataFest by the stats club) were tremendously helpful in getting a job, and were truly good learning experiences.

I was nervous coming in my junior year, but joining a sorority at UCLA allowed me to meet people immediately as well as feeling accepted right away by people outside Greek life. I have truly never felt so happy in my life till UCLA, and I am so sad to leave after this year. UCLA is one of the happiest and most competitive but inspiring communities I have ever felt a part of.

My experience in Marching Band allowed me to meet a diverse set of individuals who work well together and form a tight community. I have had so many incredible opportunities through marching band, including the opportunity to perform in Taiwan for the Taoyuan International Band Festival in 2016.

My most meaningful learning experiences were probably those outside of classrooms. Working for BruinCorps, MEChA [Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan], and EAOP [Early Academic Outreach Program] has really shaped me into the person I am today and helped shape my career goals. I developed leadership skills, gained so many friends, and developed a lot of confidence along the way.

Literally everything having to do with being an athlete. I came in the absolute top dog in terms of recruiting and my athletic abilities and got to be challenged each and every day by my teammates who were in the exact same position their entire lives as well. It taught me how to be a team player and root for others who are executing better than me, knowing the benefit it was bringing to the team.

My most meaningful learning experience was spending all four years on the Daily Bruin and immersing myself in a community that cares about UCLA and Westwood in our work. I learned how to have bosses, be a boss, take leadership roles, balance life and work, gain new perspectives, acquire new skills, have patience, listen better, handle a crisis, hold people accountable and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Intellectual Gains (6%, 274 responses)

The most meaningful learning experience is understanding that it is not always the answer but instead the questions you ask that will lead you to the greatest discoveries.

I think my favorite experiences are always learning something in one class and then having it connect in a new way to one of my other classes. I love interdisciplinary studies and making mental connections with knowledge I've acquired throughout my UCLA career.

UCLA taught me to think outside the box and consider other perspectives respectfully. My time at UCLA has taught me critical skills vital to engage in academic debate that can be applied to daily life.

Dr. [name redacted] told us on the last day of class that if she wanted us to take one thing from her class, it was to be skeptical and not believe everything so easily and without a valid argument. I walk with that now.

UCLA has taught me a series of lessons that I will cherish forever. Some of these include multidisciplinary approach to problem solving, challenging the status quo, being intellectually curious and broadly thinking about issues from a global perspective.

Working on my first programming project, I learned a lot about problem solving. I learned that there were many ways to implement a solution and, whenever I ran into ruts, how to research ways to overcome them. I applied this to many of my more advanced math classes later on. Despite the difference in subject areas, I learned that the approach to problem solving was the same.

Most meaningful learning experience was [being] challenged by professors who taught me how to think critically about my surroundings and my own ideas as well.

The most meaningful learning experiences for me were developing an ability to think critically and analytically about various topics and becoming a team player in many aspects of life.

I learned to question my beliefs . . . and learned better to accept myself. I have better tolerance about accepting others with different views and opinion. I have learned that there is no boundary to learning and you can always start.

Research Experience (4%, 206 responses)

Many experiences were meaningful to me. However, I think that my involvement with Sustainable LA Grand Challenges as an undergraduate researcher has helped me grow as a leader, helped me to come out of my shell, allowed me to connect with professionals in my field, and guided my plans for post-graduation life.

My most meaningful experience was participating in an independent research project. I was able to pursue a project that was completely tailored to my own interests in a field that was brand new (medical humanities). I was also able to build a long-term relationship with my mentor.

I think my most meaningful learning experience at UCLA was being in a faculty lab, where I got to learn how science is actually done and what the life of a postdoc or researcher working for Academia is like.

Working in the UCLA exercise physiology research laboratory was a great learning experience and helped me develop verbal and communication skills that I plan to apply when I go into the medical field.

My social psych lab has really shown me how interested I am in the field and how much I want to do research. It has re-ignited my passion for psychology and confirmed that this is the field for me.

Participating in research, because it helped me decide on my future, build relationships, and so much more through the amazing mentorship I had in the lab.

My most meaningful learning experience at UCLA was working at the Ting Lab. Working as a research assistant has expanded my thinking exponentially. It brought me into contact with so many valuable resources and I am proud to be part of this group of individuals!

My most meaningful learning experience was joining a research lab for the EEB [Ecology and Evolutionary Biology] 198A-D courses. I have learned to directly apply the knowledge and techniques learned in the classroom setting to the research setting. I have learned to manage my time better and because of my position of managing the lab during the weekends, I have improved my problem solving and leadership skills.

My most meaningful learning experience at UCLA was working and eventually presenting my capstone research project. I loved being able to do my own research, draw my own conclusions, and advocate for my beliefs and my point of view.

Challenges (3%, 169 responses)

I really struggled with academics my first few years here, and I fell into the mindset that everyone is just smarter than me and that's why they're doing so much better and I'll just have to deal with bad grades for the rest of my time here. However, my GPA started picking up and I started to gain confidence in my ability to do well (granted I started with classes that were easier for me). I'm still learning how to manage everything, and I'm not 100% self-confident but it's a learning process and I'm actually glad UCLA taught me how to fail. . . .  Learning to fail has made me much more understanding of others' academic struggles, how strong some people are, and how to be okay with where I am and not worry about how I measure relative to my peers (aka stop comparing myself).

I learned to overcome my challenges and work hard to achieve the best of my ability. I encountered many distractions and challenges throughout my UCLA career, but UCLA has taught me to learn from my mistakes and grow as a person.

My most meaningful learning experience at UCLA would be learning about self care. In my community, seeking mental help is frowned upon and if you go to a therapist you are looked at as weak. I came to UCLA with those tendencies and did not seek help when I was starting to feel clinically depressed. I did not want to be looked at negatively but after getting help, I can say I am glad UCLA helped me with putting down those negative stereotypes mental health has.

Failing classes and retaking them really helped me grow. It taught me not to give up and showed me what it is that I really want to do. It taught me how to pick myself up and also showed me that I am capable of learning material even if it's hard the first time around.

My most meaningful learning experience revolved around recognizing the flaws of the college system within the United States (as far as public schools go) and the overall issue with student debt. It truly opened my eyes as to the cost and value of "high status" universities that claim a large value is attached to the education they offer when, truly, the education is mediocre. Professors can claim multiple degrees from well-accredited universities but, at the end of the day, they all stand in front of an overcrowded lecture hall and present information via lecture slides or some other compressed form. Then, tests require nothing but strict memorization and regurgitation, in which there is absolutely no room for creativity allowed.

Getting dismissed from UCLA was the most meaningful to me as it showed me that UCLA was truly a gift that I should not waste, and as such it motivated me to do better and to work harder, allowing myself to prepare for law school and to look to the future where I can still be successful despite my slip ups early at UCLA.

Honestly, it was when I decided to take a quarter off school in order to work on my mental health. It felt like a huge, scary jump, but doing it made me realize that there were more important things in life than grades, such as happiness and health. It made me realize that no matter what happened, things were going to be okay.

I started out poorly. I got to UCLA and I was surrounded by the best of the best and suddenly I was on the bottom tier. I had to learn to pick myself up and try harder. The most meaningful thing UCLA taught me was to challenge myself and that my best can be better.

My most meaningful learning experience was getting B's as an A student and realizing that my GPA isn't the determinant of my future. My passions, my work ethic, and my motivation to pursue an end goal and serve others are what will determine my future. My toxic maladaptive perfectionism got demolished at UCLA and I'm really happy for that. I'm not clouded by my desire to get a great GPA, but I can still strive for good grades and be proud of what I end up accomplishing in my courses even if it's not a 4.0.

Civic Engagement (3%, 130 responses)

There are far too many experiences to share, even in the short time I spent at UCLA. However, one of the most meaningful was participating in LGBT issues by joining the Act 4 Equality club. I met a diverse group of people who inspired me to learn more about myself and the world, as well as to become active in the community. I made wonderful friends and had beautiful experiences, which helped me grow closer to UCLA overall.

Being part of the IDEAS/AB540 project here on campus helped me connect with a lot of strong, passionate, people who want to make the world a better place. I want to be part of that too in the future!

My time working in the Community Programs Office as an Academic Success Coordinator for Samahang Pilipino Advancing Community Empowerment (SPACE). Here, I learned the importance of access to higher education, especially in underserved communities, and the challenges that arise for students of color who want to go to college. I worked closely with . . . high school students in providing tutoring and advising services in hopes of getting our students into higher education.

The most meaningful learning experience at UCLA I had was traveling to Nicaragua with the club Global Brigades my junior year. I participated in a medical, dental, and public health program and met some amazing UCLA and Nicaraguan people through the experience. The trip also pushed me to truly redefine what I believe "developing countries" entail and how to improve their way of life.

My most meaningful experiences have been through BruinCorps, a program that sends tutors to underserved communities in now 22 sites. Because this job employs mostly work-study, we come from similar backgrounds and with the goal of giving back to our communities. . . .  It has been an honor to see growth within the program and myself.

My most meaningful experience at UCLA was coming to the realization that I need to fight for the people who don't have a voice, and use my privilege to do so.

The most meaningful experience I had at UCLA was when I presented at the White House. It was something that I learned a lot from. I got a taste [of] the labor that goes in to change the law and challenge those in power.

Becoming a part of the Pediatric AIDS Coalition and working with 150 of the most passionate and motivated individuals to create something positive on our campus and in our community.

How to stand up for justice, our rights etc. The amount of events that are led by student organizations has allowed me to see the perspectives of others regarding things like DACA, women['s] empowerment, and so forth. I have become more involved in my culture because of the student organizations here at UCLA.

Interactions with Classmates (2%, 92 responses)

I . . . appreciate the opportunity to be a part of an environment where I am surrounded by so many intelligent and thoughtful humans! I have learned so much priceless wisdom from my peers and their experiences.

For the first time I was thrown into a situation where almost everyone was intellectually similar and that opened opportunity for deep conversation. It was refreshing to talk with others who did not immediately get emotional when discussing controversial topics, even though for the most part I agreed with who I was speaking to. Sometimes I would speak with those who obviously had different experiences growing up due to their race, gender, and sexual orientation. Though I consider myself to be relatively aware of my privilege and sensitive to others' beliefs, I would often hear stories that would really broaden the scope of how possible it is for others to experience a life totally different from mine.

The most meaningful learning experiences at UCLA [were] the times I got plugged into a study group with 10 other students in my lecture. It was nice to meet different types of students (traditional, non-traditional, transfer, non-transfer) and work together. I felt that I was accepted and not alone. I was very encouraged to be able to work with other students in my major. We continued to encourage each other throughout the years and help each other choose which classes and professors to take.

My talented classmates are always my biggest source of inspiration. They show me what passion, persistence, and compassion look like. I will always look up to them as role models.

As a returning student, my most meaningful learning experience at UCLA has been interacting with students of a younger generation. It has been exciting to see the advances in technology, diversity, and intellectual curiosity.

Being around other students who are incredibly hardworking, successful, and intelligent is extremely humbling. It has pushed me to work harder and strive for bigger things. I am grateful for my peers who have taught me to be proud of myself and what I know while also striving to learn more and improve what I lack.

Engaging with the other students in my classes and learning from them. I think I learned more from my peers than the faculty here.

Generally, the conversations I have had with my peers discussing various topics about philosophy and politics have been the most meaningful.

[A] meaningful thing is my peer learning experience with my best friends in my major. Not only do we help each other with homework and course materials, we also [have] become best friends in real life. I enjoy taking classes together with them and talking about our dream of "saving the environment."

Travel Study (2%, 89 responses)

My most meaningful learning experience was my quarter studying abroad in Costa Rica during spring of my 2nd year. This opened my eyes to the world on a much broader scale, as well as showed me a new area of interest that I now love and had no previous knowledge about. I made amazing friendships and had some of the best experiences of my life during this quarter. It helped shape my personal, educational, and career goals tremendously.

I studied abroad in the fall quarter of my senior year in Japan through UCEAP [UC Education Abroad Program] and it was one of the most impactful experiences of my college career because it really brought me out of my comfort zone, and really pushed the boundaries of my thought. I really learned many personal and professional skills from being abroad.

It is so hard to pick the most meaningful experience I had at UCLA because there are so many great experiences that I had during my four years. I think at UCLA, studying abroad in London for the summer was the best decision I have ever made. Although we were not physically on the UCLA campus, the experience of studying with UCLA students and a UCLA professor was truly amazing. I will cherish every memory I made in Europe and I will remember my experience forever.

My most meaningful learning experience was definitely studying abroad. Taking advantage of two Travel Study programs to further my degree while traveling the world was a fantastic adventure that I will always remember and value.

It's hard picking just one learning experience but I did a study abroad program during my undergraduate time here at UCLA and enjoyed the opportunity to learn Spanish in Spain, experience the culture and see all the amazingly beautiful places! It was definitely one of the highlights of my collegiate career.

Studying abroad, both on a year-long UCEAP program and also as part of the EEB department Marine Biology Quarter. These experiences led to the most personal and academic growth. I met people from all over the world; I learned a new language; I was exposed first-hand to many new cultures, and I gained utmost independence and confidence. I also had research experiences not otherwise available. I worked in multiple countries conducting numerous research projects working with people from very different backgrounds on exciting and new topics.