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Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

Page 1 - Good Job Description Sample - Administrative Assistant II
39. Summary statement (see instructions)

Provide secretarial and administrative support to the Business and Finance Manager of a large central department comprised of 3 divisions and 400 employees. Secretarial duties include typing, filing and scheduling of appointments; maintenance of departmental and updating of campus-wide directories; processing of all supply orders through the on-line Purchasing and Accounts Payable System (PAC); and supervision of departmental mail services.
40. Type of supervision received (see instructions)

Staff member works independently to prioritize and complete assigned tasks. Assignments are periodically checked for progress by the direct supervisor. Work is check and reviewed upon request, when tasks deviate from established guidelines.
41. How long have the duties and the distribution of time been substantially as below?

14 months
Attach a copy of the most recent organization chart.

of time
42. Duties and tasks (see instructions)
 40% A. Secretarial
A1. Screen incoming calls to Business and Finance Manager and, as appropriate, provide
      requested information, take messages or redirect inquires to the appropriate office. A2. Maintain manager's calendar on Microsoft Outlook. Schedule and cancel meetings and
      appointments, as requested, using proper judgment as to time and location.
A3. Make travel arrangements, such as plane reservations, hotel accommodations auto
      rentals. Following established guidelines, process reimbursements for out-of-pocket
A4. Compose routine correspondence for the manager from general oral instructions.
A5. Proofread drafts of correspondence for correct grammar, punctuation and spelling
      make corrections.
A6. Create and maintain Business and Finance filing system.
 40% B. Administration of Directories, Supplies and Equipment
B1. On a monthly basis, update an internal telephone directory comprised of 400 listings
      by entering changes documented by staffing rosters or telephone service requests
      into a spreadsheet.
B2. Update the ORION employee database for campus directory as necessary.
      appointments, as requested, using proper judgment as to time and location.
B3. Maintain adequate levels of department office supplies, such as stationery and forms. Process orders using on-line PAC system.
B4. Reconcile storehouse and purchasing activity to monthly general ledger
B5. Track inventory of departmental office equipment such as PC's monitors, printers,
      typewriters and calculators. Negotiate maintenance agreements and contact vendors
      for required repairs.
B6. Oversee operation of Xerox machines by ordering supplies, arranging for routine
      maintenance and contacting vendors for required repairs.
 20% C. Supervision of Mail Services
C1. Hire, assign work, train and evaluate one _____ Assistant I position that sorts and
      distributes mail and serves as departmental courier.
C2. Develop written procedures for sorting distribution of mail. Oversee and assist in
      prioritizing courier pick-ups and deliveries.
C3. Oversee the quarterly audit of mailing services from computerized rosters and mail
      code listings.
C4. Provide backup to _____ Assistant I.

Page 2 - Good Job Description Sample - Administrative Assistant II
# 42. Skills, knowledge, and abilities (see instructions) Task reference
1. Skill in reading documents written in standard English text such as administrative policy and procedure manuals. A3, A5, B2 Required
2. Skill in writing grammatically correct routine business correspondence such as brief transmittal memoranda, internal operating procedures and performance evaluations. A4, C1, C2 Required
3. Skill in editing correspondence to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. A5 Required
4. Skill in speaking clearly and distinctly using appropriate vocabulary and grammar to obtain. A1, A2, A3,
B5, B6, C1
5. Skill in processing online Purchasing and Accounts Payable System (PAC) orders. B3 Preferred
6. Skill in establishing and maintaining filing system. A6 Required
7. Word Processing skills to prepare business correspondence, including financial reports with speed and accuracy. A4, A5 Required
8. Knowledge of standard business letters and table formatting to prepare materials accurately. A4, A5 Required
9. Ability to exercise judgment to solve operational problems where the answer is not apparent. All Required
10. Working knowledge of University forms and procedures sufficient to complete transactions such as travel reimbursements. A3, B2, B3 May be
11. Skill in supervising clerical personnel, to include delegating responsibility, training and evaluating performance. C1 Required
12. Skill in setting priorities which accurately reflect the relative importance of job responsibilities. All Required
13. Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with staff members, subordinates and administrators. All Required