Bad Job Description

Duties & Tasks
Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

Page 1 - Bad Job Description Sample - Administrative Assistant II
39. Summary statement (see instructions)

I provide administrative support to the Business and Finance Manager.
40. Type of supervision received (see instructions)

Under general direction independently perform assigned job duties.
41. How long have the duties and the distribution of time been substantially as below?

Several Years
Attach a copy of the most recent organization chart.

of time
42. Duties and tasks (see instructions)
 100% A. Support to Business and Finance Manager
A1. I provide high level executive secretarial assistance to the Business and Finance
      Manager by organizing his calendar, acting as his liaison with other divisions and the
      public, handling his travel and preparing his coorespondence.
A2. Maintain a diverse and complex document filing system.

B. Typing
B1. Edit and type a variety of material (requiring knowledge of University formats and
      an excellent command of the English language.)

C. Central Administration
C1. Responsible for ensuring the timely updating of internal and external telephone
C2. Troubleshoot problems with the departments xerox machines.
C3. Manage departmental supplies and equipment, including buying, distributing and
      related accounting.

D. Supervision
D1. Coordinate departmental mail and courier service including supervision of associated
      support staff.
D2. Assist the staff in using (DAI) rosters to update campus mailing services listing.

Page 2 - Bad Job Description Sample - Administrative Assistant II
# 42. Skills, knowledge, and abilities (see instructions) Task reference
1. Good writing and communication skills See all
2. Knowledge of University Policies and Procedures " " Required
3. Ability to type 70 wpm. " " Required
4. Pleasant personality and emotional stability. " " Required
5. Must be mobile and physically able to walk to several department subunits located on campus. " " Required
6. Professional demeanor. " " Required
7. College Degree especially in accounting or management " " Required
8. Willingness to learn and improve skills " " Required
9. Interest in working in an academic environment. " " Required
10. Well developed office skills " " Required