1. Merit Increases (To Associate Professor II, III; Professor II-V, VII-IX)
    Associate Professors are eligible for merit increases in rank every two (2) years.  Professors are eligible for merit increases in rank every three (3) years.  The department must consider the candidate’s research, teaching and service since the last personnel action.  Please refer to Regular Professorial Series for the policy on merit increases.

    1. Submitting the Action
      Please submit an original plus one (1) copy of the dossier to the L&S Personnel Office.

    2. Dossier Contentsin the order below:  (Use the appropriate Data Summary pages from the L&S Website.)
      1. Merit Increase Data Summary Cover Page.  Please confirm the years at rank and step with the L&S eligibility list.  The salary for the proposed step must be taken from the Faculty--Ladder Ranks Series—Academic Year salary tables.  If an off-scale salary (an annual not listed on the table) is proposed, it must be rounded to the nearest $100.  If the candidate already has an off-scale salary, the Return to Salary Scale (RTSS) formula (always set at a previous personnel action) must be followed.  Any proposed salary that differs from the RTSS formula must be explained and justified in the departmental assessment letter.
      2. History record (updated by the department).
      3. Data Summary Vote page.  Be specific as to the motion voted on and the proposed effective date.  The sum of the vote tally must equal the number eligible to vote.  For additional guidelines on faculty voting rights, please see CALL, Appendix 4.
      4. Data Summary pages 3-6.  Candidate must initial these pages before the department votes.
        NOTE:  Departmental tabulation of the candidate’s teaching.  CAP requests a separate tabulation page with the following information:  Quarter, Course, Number of Students, Response, Instructor Rating, Course Rating, and Department Average.  Please place this page directly behind data summary page 3.
      5. Bibliography.  The L&S bibliography format must be used.
      6. "Prior" Certification page (data summary, page 7).  This page must be read by the candidate and signed before the department votes.  Information and evidence supplied by the candidate must be listed on this page (see top of page, section 1, II,) and placed immediately behind it:
        1. CV or research and teaching self-statements, or any other documents submitted to the department must be listed.
        2. Bulky items (exhibits, grant proposals, etc.) should include a footnote: “See teaching envelope (or box).”
        3. Sabbatical Report, if applicable, of the results of the leave taken since the last review should be listed.
      7. "After" certification page(data summary, page 8). This page must be read by the candidate and signed after the department votes.
      8. Candidate’s written response to the departmental assessment ("i" below), if submitted.   See APM 220-80e and “After” Certification page I and III.
      9. Departmental Assessment. This is the Chair’s summary of the department meeting and the department’s recommendation. The department’s vote should be reiterated in the first paragraph of this letter.
      10. Chair’s individual recommendation (may be submitted in a separate statement).
      11. Departmental ad hoc or standing committee report, if applicable.
      12. Peer evaluation of teaching.  Submission of this report is required, per The CALL, Appendix 3, II.
      13. Unsolicited letters of evaluation.  If an unsolicited letter of evaluation is to be included in the dossier, a letter should first be sent to the writer setting forth the Statement of Confidentiality and asking that individual to respond whether in light of this University policy the letter of evaluation should be included or returned (CALL, Summary of Procedures #10, last sentence).  You may NOT change any part of the statement of confidentiality. It must be copied into a solicitation letter, or supplied as an attachment in this exact text and in it's entirety.  Please write “Unsolicited” at the top right corner of letter.  English translations must be provided for letters written in another language.  Please label them as translations and place immediately after each letter.

        Publications and teaching evaluations: These should not be submitted to L&S, but should be available on Dean’s request.

    3. Routing and Approval

      For Associate and Full Professor normal merits, and merits involving no more than 1 year acceleration or deceleration, the L&S Personnel Office staff will review the case and then forward it to the appropriate Dean for consideration. The Dean has the final approval authority for the merit.  The Vice Chancellor's approval must be obtained for off-scale salaries too high for the Dean to approve. Once all approvals have been obtained, the Department will be notified.


      When a faculty member has been at the level of Associate Professor, Step III for at least five years, the department may recommend advancement to Associate Professor, Step IV or a change in series appointment to Lecturer SOE (Security of Employment) if the faculty member:  1) agrees in writing to teach a specified augmented annual teaching load; 2) demonstrates excellent teaching; and 3) meets the standard of meritorious performance of university and professional service.  For more details, please see The CALL, Appendix 13.