• King-Kok Cheung, Coordinator
    (English and Asian American Studies)
  • Kimberly Crenshaw
  • Richard Yarborough
    (English and African American Studies)
  • Henry Yu
    (History and Asian American Studies)


upon completion of the entire year-long cluster, students will satisfy:
  • 2 courses in the Humanities-Literature area of GE
  • 1 course in the Humanities-Culture & Civilization area of GE
  • 1 course in the Social Science-Historical Analysis area of GE

This cluster will examine the nature and meaning of race in American society through the study of history, literature, and the law. It will consider, among other topics, the construction of race as a social and cultural category; the legacy of slavery; and the ways in which race has shaped the understanding of American citizenship. During its inaugural year, the cluster will focus on African Americans and Asian Americans, asking students to examine the relationship of the two groups to each other and to the mainstream of American society over the past two centuries.

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King-Kok Cheung
Kimberly Crenshaw
Richard Yarborough
Henry Yu

Teaching Assistants
Jim Lee
Lois Leveen
Connie Razza