Writing II Credit and the Clusters

Receiving Writing II Credit for the your GE Cluster

Satisfaction of Writing I
In order for the spring quarter seminar of your Cluster course to satisfy the College’s Writing II requirement, you must satisfy the Writing I requirement by the end of winter quarter. If you have not satisfied the Writing I requirement with an AP English score, an IB English score, or transfer work, you must take English 3 in fall or winter quarter and complete it with a grade of C or better.

English Composition 3 Enrollment for GE CLUSTER Students
Passing the course English Composition 3 (English Comp 3) with a “C” or better by end of winter quarter will satisfy UCLA’s Writing-I requirement in time for you to earn Writing-II credit by completing your GE Cluster in the spring.

It is your responsibility as a Cluster student to ensure that you enroll in English Comp 3 in a timely way. Ideally you should take English Comp 3 in fall quarter. If you don’t, you should use your winter quarter priority pass to enroll in an Eng Comp 3 course that fits your schedule.

In case you are shut out of an English Comp 3 section during your winter quarter priority pass, two (2) seats in winter-quarter sections of English Comp 3 are being reserved for the GE Cluster Program. These seats are available on a first-come/first-served basis during first-pass enrollment appointments for winter quarter (November 19 through November 27, 2007 ) . 

To request one of these reserved spaces you must email your name, UID, and your first, second and third choices for the English Comp 3 section in which you would like to enroll to aarcuri@college.ucla.edu Your satisfaction of the UC-wide Entry-level Writing Requirement (ELWR) and successful progress in a GE Cluster will be confirmed and, provided space is available, you will be enrolled. Again, this is on a first-come/first-served basis and requests will only be taken via email.

There is no guarantee of English Comp 3 enrollment for GE Cluster students.

You should understand that after the end of first pass no special arrangements for Cluster students will be made. You should also understand that enrolled students seldom drop English Comp 3, and that being on an English Comp 3 waitlist, even in first position, does not usually mean that you will ultimately be in the class.


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