Freshman Clusters for 2012-13

The undergraduate experience at UCLA can begin with an innovative program that involves students in a stimulating multidisciplinary exploration of a challenging and timely topic.

Programs and Courses

The Global Environment:
A Multidisciplinary Perspective
(GE Cluster M1A, B, CW)
Interracial Dynamics in
American Society and Culture
(GE Cluster 20A, B, CW)
The History of Modern Thought
(GE Cluster 21A, B, CW)
Poverty and Health in Latin America
(GE Cluster 26A, B, CW)
*Funded by a generous gift from Richard C. Blum  
Neverending Stories: Multidisciplinary
Perspectives on Myth
(GE Cluster 30A, B, CW)
America in the Sixties:
Politics, Society, and Culture, 1954-1974
(GE Cluster 60A, B, CW)
Los Angeles: The Cluster
(GE Cluster 66A, B, CW)
Evolution of the Cosmos and Life
(GE Cluster 70A, B, CW)
Sex: From Biology to Gendered Society
(GE Cluster 72A, B, CW)
Mind Over Matter: The History, Science and Philosophy of the Brain
(GE Cluster 73A, B, CW)
Frontiers in Human Aging:
Biomedical, Social, and Policy Perspectives
(GE Cluster 80A, B, CW)

Teaching and Administering Clusters

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The UCLA Freshman Clusters brings students into year-long learning communities that build collegiate-level intellectual skills, and introduces the goals and benefits of studying in a research university. more >>

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